Trail-O Management System

Given the specificities of an orienteering event in the Trail-O modality, I have created an ad hoc program to manage the configuration of the events, the annotation of the responses of the participants and the preparation of results. In this case, it is a program developed in Java language.
3 download options: complete with JRE for those who do not have Java installed on their machine or have doubts about its operation, since it includes a version of Java Runtime or JRE; complete without JRE for those who already have Java installed (same as the previous one but without the additional MB that the JRE represents); Only last changes, for those who have already downloaded and used the program, you only have to replace the files that have changed, saving them in the corresponding folder.

Last update: 09/09/2020
Incorporates ANT update to v.4.9
Preparing the data model for future web management of real and online events
Solved error message related to neutralizations

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Integration of ANT results

ANT is a mobile app for the timing and response writing in timed controls
Web site »

3 phases for ANT integration

Phase 0:

Reuse of the infrastructure of radiocontrols (CPI) to receive, save and transmit data from ANT

Phase 1:

Example of using those data in an Excel book
PDF » Excel » Sample file »

Phase 2:

Integration in the Trail-O management system. Implemented April, 2019.